Stop Smoking Hypnosis – Can Hypnotherapy Help You Quit Smoking?

stop smoking hypnosis

It seems like new ways of quitting smoking are emerging every day. Some are better than others. However, using hypnotherapy to quit smoking is still the most popular method on the list. In this article, you will discover how hypnosis for smoking works and how it can help you quit smoking for good.

If you want to stop smoking with hypnosis, this article will give you all the information you need. You will learn about the basics of smoking addiction as well as what the typical process of using hypnosis to quit smoking looks like.

In this article, you will learn:

What Is The Most Effective Way To Stop Smoking?

Some of the most popular ways to quit smoking people generally use, include:

  • Quitting cold turkey

There is a certain appeal to quitting cold turkey so that you no longer rely on nicotine. That is why this method is commonly used. While it can offer great results for some, it turns out that only 4%-7% are able to quit smoking this way.

  • Nicotine replacement therapy

Nicotine replacement therapy works by giving you doses of nicotine without the use of tobacco. The most commonly used nicotine products include nicotine patches, gum, sprays, inhalers, and lozenges. While nicotine replacement therapy can help you quit smoking, it works best when combined with other methods, such as behavioral therapy or hypnotherapy.

  • Behavioral therapy

This method involves working with a counselor or therapist to identify your strongest triggers and find ways to avoid them. You’ll also be able to make a plan that will help you get through the cravings easier and improve your chances of success.

  • Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is proven to be one of the most effective methods for quitting smoking. Why? Because stop smoking hypnosis is a very effective tool in addressing the cravings and other withdrawal symptoms that are typically accompanied by the process of quitting smoking. Some of the benefits of using hypnosis to quit smoking include:

  • Faster results than other methods and requires less effort
  • Easily combine with other methods to achieve better results
  • Successfully abstain from cigarettes, providing long-term results

What is the Success Rate of Hypnosis for Quitting Smoking?

Hypnosis can be a highly effective tool in helping people quit smoking. According to a randomized trial conducted in San Francisco, hypnosis was proven to be more effective than other smoking treatments, with 8% higher quit rates.

Another study at the American College of Chest Physicians found that people who are trying to quit smoking are more likely to succeed using hypnosis than any other method or nicotine replacement therapy.

Whilst there are more studies to be done to determine the exact success rate of hypnotherapy to help you quit smoking, what we know so far is that it is the most powerful tool for quitting smoking available today.

How Long Does It Take To Quit Smoking With Hypnosis?

The truth is that there is no definite answer as to how long it takes for a person to stop smoking.

Every case is unique as every person’s body and smoking habits are different. Generally speaking though, it takes at least three months from the day you quit smoking for your brain chemistry to reset. Conventional methods take longer. Traditional hypnosis takes an average of 5-6 sessions for a person to stop smoking permanently.

However, a new hybrid type of hypnotherapy called Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®) can help clients achieve lasting results from just a single session. RTT® combines the leading principles of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, CBT, NLP, and Neuroscience to deliver a fast and effective complete solution.

RTT® continues to grow in global recognition, winning numerous awards as one of the most effective treatments available. Many of the people who have tried it report immediate success in stopping smoking after just a single session.

Everything You Need To Know About Using Hypnosis to Quit Smoking

quit smoking hypnosis

So, are you ready to give hypnotherapy a try and finally stop smoking with hypnosis?

If you are, keep reading! We will explain how hypnosis for smoking works and what to expect from the process.

How does hypnosis for smoking work?

People are well aware that smoking is bad for them, many even try quitting smoking multiple times. Why aren’t they able to succeed? The truth is, the root of such an addiction is not at the intellectual, conscious level, but at the subconscious level.

This is why hypnotherapy is such an effective tool for dealing with smoking addiction.

Hypnotherapy can help you quit smoking the same way it helps people overcome any other challenges and obstacles in their lives.

Hypnotherapists use hypnosis to bypass your conscious mind and address your powerful subconscious mind directly.

You can think of your subconscious mind as a 24/7 recorder of all your feelings, thoughts and anything else you’ve experienced since you were born. If you consider this, you’ll quickly start to realize that all the motivation you need to stop smoking is already stored in your subconscious mind. All your hypnotherapist needs to do is address it directly and find the right tools to help you quit.

Your mind’s job is to act as you instruct it to. It does not care if what you tell it is bad or good, right or wrong, it just acts on the instructions you give it. That’s exactly why hypnotherapy works so well in helping people battle and overcome the problems they’re facing faster than any other therapy method.

The main tools used during quit smoking hypnosis

The mind understands the words and pictures you imagine and acts in a way that consistently matches what you are thinking.

Hypnotherapy helps you reframe your mind using powerful and positive words, to make your mind work for you instead of against you.

Those are some of the main principles that the most effective hypnotherapy methods are based on.

When it comes to quitting smoking, the most effective hypnotherapy methods include:

Taking smokers back to the root cause

Deep hypnosis addresses the issues we mentioned above through the process of taking smokers back to the root cause therapy. This is a method hypnotherapists use to address the core reason for smoking, which is the first step of getting rid of the habit. Once the core issue is found and addressed, the hypnotherapist will go on to reframe your subconscious thoughts by providing the mind with new information about smoking.

Let’s put things into perspective, so you can better understand how this process works.

For some, the core reason for smoking might be a memory of their cool aunt or uncle smoking a cigarette when they were just kids. This picture can be so deeply engraved in their mind that it could lead them to associate smoking with something that is acceptable, or even cool. By subconsciously copying behaviors from their aunt or uncle, they’ve copied smoking as well.

A certified hypnotherapist will be able to locate the core problem that led you to form this bad habit and completely change the way you look at smoking.

Spiegel’s method

Another popular method used during stop smoking hypnosis session is the so-called Spiegel’s method. This method doesn’t focus on the process of quitting smoking but rather on the way we view the habit of smoking, and what it is doing to our body and our health. So when our subconscious mind starts perceiving smoking as dangerous, our desire to smoke fades away automatically.

The three main suggestions provided during the session include:

  • Smoking is poison
  • You need your body to live
  • You should respect your body and protect it

Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®)

hypnosis for smoking

Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®) is the latest development in hypnotherapy. Developed over thirty years of testing and application with real-life clients, Marisa Peer Founded this unique new approach to take hypnotherapy to the next level. Having worked with high profile clients, from Royalty to rockstars, Olympians to celebrity overeaters, Marisa has won multiple awards for the fast effectiveness of RTT®.

Gil Boyne, considered by many to be the pioneer of modern hypnotherapy, was one of Marisa first teachers of hypnotherapy and described Marisa as follows:

“She began moulding the field of hypnotherapy/psychotherapy into something much greater than it had ever been. Her brilliance goes far beyond her early instinctive recognition and integrates many of the most profound insights in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. What has emerged is an incredible effectiveness and is one of a few in history to have had a profound impact on the field of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.” –

Gil Boyne, CEO and Chairman Emeritus of Hypnotism Training Institute of Los Angeles

After years of requests from other therapists to teach them her techniques, Marisa created Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®) to teach others the highly effective methods she uses to achieve unparalleled results. RTT® is the culmination of Marisa’s life’s work and she now runs her own school to teach people how to use RTT® to transform lives.

You can also watch the video below, where Marisa discusses four tricks to control your brain, which helps you take better control over your thought process and give you a great grounding as you start the journey to quitting smoking.

Getting Started With Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Once you decide to quit smoking and use hypnosis as a method of overcoming your nicotine addiction, all you’ll need to do to begin your smoke-free life is to choose the hypnosis method that works best for you.

Before we go over some of the most common hypnosis methods used, let’s take a look at what a typical hypnotherapy session looks like, so you know what to expect.

If you are new to hypnotherapy, at the beginning of your first session your hypnotherapist will take the time to explain how the whole process goes and what you can expect from the sessions.

You can think of your hypnotherapist as a tour guide and let them guide you through the whole process. Before you begin your first session, your hypnotherapist will ask you a few questions to gain a bit of insight into your personality.

All you have to remember is that you’re the one that’s in control of your sessions. You decide what feels comfortable to you. It’s all up to you.

First, your hypnotherapist will start with an induction to assess your susceptibility. Then they may use deepening techniques to further relax you into a state of flow or trance. This process helps you bypassing your conscious thinking mind to work directly with the powerful subconscious.

A typical session lasts from 45 minutes up to an hour and a half, mainly depending on the issue you are addressing. The number of sessions you will need will depend mostly on the progress you are making. With traditional hypnotherapy, most people usually need around 6 sessions to successfully kick their smoking habit. However, with RTT®, results can often be achieved from a single session (more may be required for more complex issues).

Some of the most common hypnotherapy methods used to quit smoking include:

1. One-on-one hypnotherapy sessions

One of the ways to use hypnotherapy to overcome your addiction is by going to private hypnotherapy sessions. During the set of sessions, a certified hypnotherapist will be able to ask you questions and address your smoking addiction. They will do so by guiding you through a state of hypnosis and using the necessary tools to help you quit smoking.

Find a Therapist based on geographical location and experience, or you can Find A Specialist Therapist (FAST) to find the best match for you and your needs.

2. Self-hypnosis

Self-hypnosis is a tool used both in addition to private sessions and as a standalone method. If you are interested in hypnosis and would like to learn the skills yourself, you can follow some of the many online or in-person hypnotherapy classes available today. That way, you can learn how to reach a hypnotic state on your own and be able to give yourself suggestions so you can overcome your addiction.

One way to learn how to do this is to take the Rapid Transformation Therapy™ training (RTT®). It will give you the tools you need to master self-hypnosis and learn how to become a hypnotherapist, so you can help others as well.

3. Listening to recorded hypnotherapy sessions

Another popular way to access hypnotherapy, as featured in many films and TV shows, is by using recorded sessions. This method offers a similar experience to private sessions. However, it is much more convenient to some, as the recordings can be listened to in the comfort of your own home.

Using an audio track, you will be guided through a recorded session of hypnosis. To get the desired results, follow and implement all the required steps and listen every day for 21 days.

Quit Smoking Today is an excellent example of an easily accessible audio recording. You can download right now to stop smoking. Listen to the relaxing audio download every day for 21 days and experience the power of stop smoking hypnosis.

How to Improve Your Chances of Quitting for Good

hypnosis to quit smoking

Hypnosis is a great tool that alone can help you quit smoking for good. However, there are a few things you can do to support this process:

1. Steering clear of triggers

Determine what your worst triggers are and try to stay clear of them for at least a couple of weeks until the worst cravings subside. Such triggers may include your morning coffee, social events and gatherings, and drinking alcohol. While some of these are easier to give up than others, you can try replacing them by doing something that relaxes you instead, such as drawing, taking walks, exercising and so on.

2. Exercising

Exercising is a great way to avoid triggers and relapses and has many more benefits, such as:

  • Helping you cope with stress
  • Giving you an energy boost
  • Decreasing your cravings and withdrawal symptoms
  • Decreasing your appetite and helping you lose weight
  • Improving your mood and much more

3. Set a timer

Don’t give in to your cravings right away. Give yourself the time to find a distraction while the cravings go away or become more manageable. Set a timer for 10 minutes and wait and see those cravings becoming weaker and weaker.

4. Chew something

Munch on veggies or fruits, use gum or mints to keep your mouth busy as you used to do when you smoked.

5. Get support

Get support from a family member or a friend. Or visit an online forum where you can get advice from people who have been in your exact situation.

The bottom line is, once you prepare yourself mentally, there is nothing that can stop you from quitting smoking. Use these helpful tools in addition to hypnotherapy to make the biggest change in your life and quit smoking for good.

Download this powerful hypnosis for smoking audio and start your smoking-free life.


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Marisa shares over 30 years of experience as a multi-award-winning therapist to top athletes, celebrities and even royalty. She is the pioneer of RTT®, the cutting-edge method that can deliver incredible transformations
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