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Rapid Transformational Therapy®️ is a contemporary therapeutic intervention drawing upon powerful solution focused techniques including Hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT and Psychotherapy to offer fast results. It was developed by Marisa Peer over thirty years and the RTT School was launched in 2015 to train therapists throughout the world in the modality.

RTT Method was established in 2021 with the aim of creating an evidence base for RTT. In order for the modality to be better recognised, we need to demonstrate the results it achieves and the speed at which it works through incontrovertible research findings. Often after a single session, clients are able to let go of negative self-beliefs often hidden deep in their subconscious, enabling them to live their best lives.

Our mission


Our mission is to make RTT@ accessible and affordable for people throughout the world.

Our Vision


To ensure RTT@ is recognised globally as an evidence-based, fast and effective therapeutic intervention


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5 Day Schools Challenge

RTT Method launched a free resource for primary schools throughout the UK and the USA aimed at building confidence, resilience and self-esteem in 7-11 year-olds.

5 day challenge


Research has shown that men are much less likely than women to be diagnosed with mental health problems such as depression and anxiety, not because they suffer less but because they are more reluctant to seek help. This event explored the barriers to men accessing support, how we are working to tackle this issue, early intervention measures, and the consequences for men in crisis who don’t get the help they need.

Working with Charities

From providing mental wellbeing resources to offering RTT support, we are developing links with charities across the UK, Europe and United States. As part of our work, we are currently in discussion with The Prison Reform Trust (PRT) – an independent UK charity working to create a just, humane and effective penal system. 

We are investigating opportunities to measure the impact of RTT within a prison setting to evaluate how it might be incorporated on a wider basis. In 2021 we also worked with Buses4Homeless, PTSD999, Women for Change (Leicestershire Police), You Okay, Doc? and the Compassion Prison Project in the US. 

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The growing interest in RTT means we regularly appear in the media.Take a look at some of the coverage we’ve had to date.

Connect with us

We are always looking for partnership opportunities and ways of working with communities worldwide to promote positive mental wellbeing. If you would like to contact us to find out more or have a proposal to share with us, please email:

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