How to Use the Power of the Mind for Success

Power of the Mind

Would you believe it if we told you that you have a superpower? 

You do—it is the power of your mind. Your mind creates your reality.

Unfortunately, most of us are unaware of this fact. We do not take conscious control over our mind power. As a result, we feel ruled by unseen forces that dictate how we are going to feel and act. 

Nevertheless, you no longer need to be a passenger. You can take the steering wheel of your life.

This article will show you how to utilize mind power for healing and becoming successful.

You will learn:

What is the Power of the Mind?

What is the Power of the Mind

“Your thoughts influence your feelings, your feelings influence your actions, and your actions define the outcomes of your events. So if you change your thinking—you change everything.”—Marisa Peer

The power of the mind runs our life, whether we know it or not. It fully controls all our feelings, choices, decisions, and actions. 

By the power of our minds, we decide to be happy. We also sometimes decide to feel miserable. Using the same ability, we love or loathe ourselves.

The power of the mind:

  • Governs our overall life experience
  • Dictates how we are going to perceive life events
  • Picks our reactions
  • Guides us towards success or failure
  • Decides who we are going to let into our life—or send away
  • Chooses our feelings, and how long we are going to experience them for

The power of the mind can help us heal from emotional pain or make it stay with us for a long time. Depending on how we use it, we either succeed or fail. Nearly every aspect of your life was decided and created byyou.

Are you not convinced? You might object—“I did not decide to get fired!” and you would be right. To an extent, that is. We do not truly influence everything. However, it is our subconscious mind that directs us towards such experiences.

We might have a feeling that we are making our decisions consciously. Nonetheless, we often cannot see the puppeteer pulling our strings.

The power of the mind that mostly comes from our subconsciousness governs our actions, whether or not we realize it. It creates the scenario that matches our subconscious beliefs and expectations. 

Sometimes, our conscious efforts are in sync with our subconscious programming and we progress seamlessly towards our goals.

Other times, however, no matter how hard we try to control our lives, something seems to be working against us. That something is faulty programming of our subconscious mind. It is the automatic thoughts sabotaging us. It is the flawed blueprint we have for our lives.

When your subconscious mind is wired for success and health, you are in luck. However, when it is not, no matter how hard you try, you might not be able to live the life you want. That is, unless you change the faulty programming.

Read on and learn how to make the power of the mind work for you, and not against you

Where is the power of the mind located?

Where is the power of the mind located?

We said that the power of the mind lies hidden in our subconsciousness. What is our subconsciousness, exactly?

You might have heard about Sigmund Freud’s iceberg analogy. If we think of our minds as an iceberg, only a small part is visible. That small peak of the iceberg, one-tenth of it according to Freud, is our consciousness. It is the part of our mind that is accessible to us directly. 

The rest of the iceberg (and mind) is hidden from our sight, which makes it that much more powerful. This is where the power of the mind comes from. It is not a part we can see. We often do not take control of it. However, it can be done. 

We can, indirectly, communicate with our subconsciousness. We can change our subconscious beliefs and make them work for us.

Marisa Peer, a world-renowned therapist with over three decades of experience and the founder of Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®), has deciphered the human mind. She has found a way to access the subconscious power of the mind. 

Her amazing dedication to understanding the rules of the mind now helps thousands of people around the world to tap into their inner superpower.

How Strong Is Mind Power?

How Strong Is Mind Power?

Have you ever met someone who seems to attract luck? Someone who, almost magnetically, receives whatever they wish for?

On the other hand, there are also people who struggle at every point on their path. They never make it to the finish line as winners. 

Both groups of people want the same—to be happy, successful, and healthy. However, the difference is in their subconscious programming. The mind will shape the reality, whether you want it or notthe trick is in taking control over the process.

The power of the mind is strong enough to create any reality. If you learn to work with your mind and not against it, you will be able to tap into the superpower of the mind and harness it. 

What the power of the mind can do for your body

Research has shown that our mind power is remarkable. An extreme case is the phenomenon of the phantom limb. Up to 80% of people who’ve had a limb amputated report that they feel sensations as if they still had it. 

Our minds are powerful enough to create feelings in non-existent body parts. Knowing this, one has to wonder—where is the limit?

Another striking example of the power of the mind is the placebo effect. The effect is a common occurrence, often used in experiments. When we believe we are taking medicine, our bodies, almost miraculously, heal. 

Harvard Medical School has concluded that, under the right circumstances, a placebo can be as effective as traditional treatments.

An extensive review of current studies in the field concluded that, without a doubt—positive thinking is an equally significant factor in healing as the medical treatment itself

When we set our mind towards recuperating, we will recover more quickly and easily. The effect is most potent for cardiovascular and immune system health, surgery recovery, and coping with cancer.

How mind power reflects onto your entire life

Our minds can and do impact our health and bodily functions. What about other areas of life, such as career, social life, family, and wellbeing? Within these areas, the power of the mind is even more apparent.

Our social circles and our overall well being are directly related to how we shape our lives with the power of the mind. How? According to a psychological theory called transactional analysis, as children, we created a script for our life

The script is a child’s choice, which gradually became subconscious. It is a decision about how our lives are going to developand end.

From that point on, whatever we did, it was based on that script. We picked the people who play essential roles in our lives now. We chose our profession to fit our script. And we take as much care of ourselves as we need to—to fulfill the “prophecy.”

The life script uses our mind power. Have you ever felt the allure of a decision you simply could not resist? Even if you knew deep inside it was the wrong one?

For example, you might have had a perfect partner. They were kind, loving, and generous. However, you ended up marrying someone who you knew would maltreat you.

What happened? Your mind created the reality you once expected for yourself. Misfortune in life occurs because we do not harness our mind power. It runs on autopilot instead. This article will help you never let that happen again.

How the Power of the Mind Works

How the Power of the Mind Works

In our previous example of selecting the entirely wrong life partner, it was our subconscious mind that made the call. That is how powerful it is.

It overrode all of your conscious reasoning. It found a way to fulfill the prophecy of what your married life would look like. The same goes for your choice of career, scarcity mindset, unhealthy habits, or risky behavior.

Unless you take control and work your mind, you will forever be a sidekick. Your subconscious mind will be running the show.

To help you with this, Marisa Peer has cracked the code and made a list of the “Rules of the Mind” that will help you make your mind power work for you, and not against you. 

“The most powerful potential on the planet comes from your mind.”—Marisa Peer

One such rule states: 

  • Your every thought and word form a blueprint that your mind and body work to make your reality. 

This was also true during childhood. Your then-developing subconscious mind picked up random information. It interpreted it to the best of its ability and made decisions. Now—it is advancing based on that childhood plan. It seeks experiences that will match the blueprint.

Other rules are: 

  • Your mind is always listening for any word and thought you feed it. 
  • It does not care if what you tell it is good, bad, true, false, healthy, unhealthy, right or wrong. It accepts and acts on your words regardless.

Your subconsciousness is constantly listening. It takes in every thought you have or word you say as a truth and tries to find confirmation for it. 

This is why it is crucial to stop telling yourself things such as: “I’m a failure!” Start thinking supportive thoughts instead. Speak in the language of strengths. Saying is believing, indeed. 

  • The mind cannot hold conflicting beliefs or thoughts. They cancel each other out

In accordance with this rule, you may not be entirely convinced by statements such as, “I am wired for success,” at first.

When we spend our entire lives convinced that we are bound to fail, it may be difficult to unlearn the old programming. However, when you work your mind using Marisa Peer’s “Rules of the Mind,” you will gradually reprogram your mind entirely.

How Can I Use Mind Power?

How Can I Use Mind Power?

Is pain, fatigue, illness, or even premature aging holding you back from the healthiest version of you? 

Are you stuck in post-traumatic stress and cannot seem to heal from trauma

Does your fear of intimacy keep you from finding love and enjoying inspiring friendships? 

Can you not get ahead in your career? 

The power of your mind can help you unleash growth and prosperity.

Your mind is there, listening and waiting for you to decide on a new direction for your life. Here are a few ways in which you can help it help you get everything you desire.


One of the most powerful tools to trigger mind power is visualization. Research has confirmed that visualizing prompts brain plasticity. In a Harvard study, participants were given a sheet of unfamiliar piano music. 

One group imagined playing it, and the other actually learned to play it. Startlingly, the brains of the participants in both groups changed in the same way.

What does this mean for you? When you visualize the reality you desire, your brain will change. When it does, it will start working towards matching the vision with your lived life

Your mind will create the reality you visualized because your brain will receive a new blueprint—it is a rule of the mind. 

Therefore, set aside a few moments of your day to picture yourself already having what you yearn for.

Imagine graduating, getting a promotion, marrying the perfect someone, having children, being healthy, living in abundance—anything you desire. 

Can you hear the sounds? What time of the year is it? Is it a warm spring, a windy fall? What does the room look like? Are there any smells?

Try and mobilize as many senses as you can. It will help your brain create the blueprint you need for the change to occur.



Self-hypnosis is a valuable tool used in psychological practice to reduce stress and anxiety, for pain management, and many other things.

A review of scientific studies has concluded that it has a significant positive effect on our minds. If you have zero experience with self-hypnosis, this is not an obstacle for you to use the power of the mind.

Marisa Peer has developed a broad range of self-hypnosis audios for you to choose from. 

Do you want to improve your immune system function, lose weight, or quit nasty habits?

You might want to attract love and have a fulfilling relationship.

In case you are struggling with anxiety, anger, or depression, these self-hypnosis audios will mobilize your mind power and set you free.

You can now boost your self-confidence and attract wealth and success.

The life you wish for yourself is within your reach. With the help of self-hypnosis audios, your mind will find ways to make it happen.

Positive affirmations

Positive self-talk is one of the prerequisites of physical and mental health, as numerous studies reveal.

Using affirmations can help you tackle stress, emotional disturbances, and insecurity, to name a few.

Most importantly, repeating affirmations will train your brain to start looking at life from a different perspective.

How does it work? When you repeat (out loud or in your head) an affirmation, you strengthen the neural pathways for that particular statement—your brain changes. With repetition, it becomes difficult for your mind to keep objecting to the new belief. 

Remember the rule of the mind that says: “The mind cannot hold conflicting beliefs or thoughts. They cancel each other out”? This is where you will use it.

For example, you might have spent most of your life feeling unworthy. As a result, you probably allowed others and yourself to treat you poorly. Your conviction about being undeserving was your reality. The power of your mind made it a certainty.

However, if you change this limiting belief into a simple but powerful phrase, “I Am Enough,” your entire life will change for the better.

I Am Enough is the name of Marisa Peer’s program designed to help you refocus your mind on you and your own abilities and self-worth. 

The program helps people kickstart their lives and improve their outlook with one simple mindset shift. It will allow you to be the best version of YOU you can be.


RTT Marisa Peer

Most of us have spent nearly all of our lives on autopilot. We do not utilize our mind power consciously. In other words, our habitual ways of thinking and perceiving are deeply rooted in our minds.

To release the power of your mind, you need to set it free first. You need to unlearn the old ways. This may not come easy for many. One way to get there faster is through meditation and mindfulness practices

These centuries-old techniques guarantee an accelerated advance towards harnessing mind power. It helps us detach from overthinking and feeling in a specific, habitual way.

Working with a therapist

Reshaping your brain and initiating the power of the mind by yourself can be difficult. Our patterns of thinking and behaving are ingrained deeply into our subconsciousness. Even when we try to change them consciously, we usually slip right back into the same railway of our mind.

If you feel that you need someone to guide you out of the circles you’ve been running in, the RTT® FAST Service is there for you. RTT® harnesses the most powerful potential on the planet—the mind.

It is a technique that combines different modes of psychotherapy with hypnotherapy, NLP, and neuroscience. As such, it is a remarkably effective and quick path towards psychological wellbeing.

The RTT® FAST Service helps you connect with a specialist who was trained by Marisa Peer. They have proven expertise, exceptional skills, and outstanding levels of client satisfaction.

They will guide you on your path towards unleashing the power of your mind and becoming everything that you wanted to.

Take the Power Back

Marisa Peer RTT

Life is not always easy. More precisely, life throws quite a few punches. However, if you utilize the power of the mind the right way, you will heal. Even more so—you will grow to be a better, stronger, more ethical, and empathetic person.

With practice, you can rewire your brain. You will become one of those people to whom luck always smiles.

Learn how to do that right away from those who deciphered the code. If you want to become a true master of the mind, learn more about Marisa Peer’s Rapid Transformational Therapy® program.

You can become trained in the RTT® modality and help others unleash the power of their minds, too.  You will learn how to resolve deep, subconscious fears and beliefs and can start changing your life and the lives of others around the world. 

Become a master of your life by freeing and mastering your mind. Create the life you dream about!


Marisa Peer

Marisa Peer

Marisa shares over 30 years of experience as a multi-award-winning therapist to top athletes, celebrities and even royalty. She is the pioneer of RTT®, the cutting-edge method that can deliver incredible transformations
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