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Emotions can be difficult,
but therapy doesn't have to be.
Marisa created a dynamic therapy that aims to uncover the root cause of any presenting problem within 1 -3 sessions.
Our therapists follow this formula for success.
In addition, they will create a bespoke transformational recording that can be used to hardwire in change post-session.


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  • Bryan's story with addiction

    "I started drinking alcohol at the age of 17 and I never really stopped for 30 years. 
    Other therapies just focused on the alcohol but no therapy ever really got to the root cause. 
    RTT® removed an enormous weight off my shoulders. I remember an enormous sense of release. I am no longer walking around depressed and I am free from my medication. 
    I am now 3 years sober thanks to RTT® and it has improved my entire life. 
    Those around me now also know the real me now and they do not need to worry about me."
  • Louisa's story with depression

    "I did everything. 
    Other therapies and medications and some worked but any results felt superficial.  
    After RTT® I got to the root cause of the problem. 
    The session is structured and feels very safe. 
    It feels like I have finally come up for air. RTT® has saved my life. 
    There is now hope & healing in my life and it has helped me in many areas, even in business."
  • Caroline's story with OCD

    "The stress & anxiety associated with the OCD was stopping me from moving on. 
    During the session, I felt like I had been put in a blanket & really taken care of. 
    In the session to be able to really see & understand where this issue came from was really empowering. 
    Once I saw that letting go (of the problem) was easy. I remember a sudden feeling of 'you're done'. 
    For those thinking about having a session, I would say Just do it!
    This was the best thing for me. And it's not just getting rid of the OCD. Its everything else that has come with it."
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Designed with you in mind


RTT® is multi-award-winning and critically-acclaimed as a new go-to therapy.

Rapid Change

A single session will often generate significant change in even complex issues in as little as 1–3 sessions.

Easy To Access

Sessions can be delivered in person or via Zoom.

Peace of Mind

RTT® uses safe, proven, and powerful techniques.


Support from our well-being professionals throughout the entire process.


RTT® delivers significant change from physical, emotional, and psychological challenges and has transformed thousands of lives.
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Select ‘Let's Get You Started’, Complete our intake form and select a time for your free 20-minute initial consultation.


Our team of well-being professionals will personally match you to a 'handpicked' therapist, based on your intake form. No automated algorithms here!


Your 20-minute free consultation gives you the opportunity to find out everything you need to know and how RTT® can help you specifically, before you book your session.


All RTT® sessions last 90 minutes - 2 hours and include a 15 minute bespoke recording which is yours to take away and keep. In addition, all sessions come with a follow-up call from your Therapists in 21 days and support from our well-being professional services team.

Ready To Get Started?

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Our Therapists

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Our aim is to personally match you with one of our 200+ therapists, based on your issue, session preferences, and location. 

Our therapists have been trained in RTT® and have completed advanced training to qualify as a therapist.

Our therapists have been fully vetted by us, are insured, and are accredited with a variety of International Awarding Bodies.
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Q1 - What is RTT®? 

RTT® stands for Rapid Transformational Therapy.
RTT® is a standalone therapy developed by Marisa Peer over 30 years. RTT® works by establishing the root cause of the problem, which is often not what our conscious minds would have us believe.
We work with our clients to establish the root cause of their problems.
In effect, RTT® identifies and corrects what really stops you from changing.

Q2 - Is working online as effective as working in person?

RTT® is just as effective online as in person.
Since RTT® is a closed eye process, like hypnotherapy, the only real difference between a face-to-face session and an online session is who provides the safe space - will it be the therapist providing use of their office or will it be you in the comfort of your own home? Many clients report feeling even more relaxed when having RTT® at home.

Q3 - How many sessions should I expect to have?

Your therapist will always be working towards your first session being the last session you will ever need.
As standard, we advise that RTT® delivers lasting results in 1–3 sessions, but your therapist will discuss this with you in more detail on your initial consultation.
To book a free consultation, call please complete our intake form here:

Q4 - How long will my session last?

RTT® sessions last 90 minutes – 2 hours.
You must also commit to listening to the recording created for you in the session for 21 days. This locks in the changes made and is a vital part of the process.

Q5 - What’s included?

- Use of our matching service.
- Free 20-minute initial consultation with your therapist.
- 90 minute – 2 hour RTT® session with your therapist.
- Your bespoke audio recording, which you listen to for 21 days post-session and keep.
- Two follow-ups by one of our Well-being Specialists.
- Follow up with your therapist, approx 21 days post-session.
- Full email support.

Q6 - Can I pay in my own currency?

Given the global reach of our business and the fact we have therapist in over 27 countries, we offer a fair and transparent pricing policy to all FAST clients and FAST therapists.
For this reason, the price is in USD regardless of country / region.
Similar to if you went on holiday and used your card to pay for goods or services, all major debit and credit cards allow for online payment in other currencies.
Please contact your bank if you have further questions about this.

Q7 - I've tried hypnosis before. How is this different?

Traditional hypnosis addresses the presenting issue, for example, anxiety.
RTT® however will help you to discover what has led you to feel anxious so you can ultimately be free from the limiting belief.

Q8 - What if I can't be hypnotized?

Hypnosis is a natural state. Some people just take a little longer than others. Your therapist is skilled in dealing with all types of clients and will be able to support you fully through the process.
In fact, everyone spends a huge portion of their day in one form of trance or another without realizing.
Have you ever driven somewhere only to get out of the car and not really remember how you got there? Have you ever walked into a room and thought, what am I here for again?
Well, they are trance states, and you have been accessing those all by yourself.

Q9 - I’ve tried everything else—will this work?

We get this question a lot.
There are lots of fabulous therapies out there, and we would never take anything off the table, but very few therapies are brave enough to look at the root cause specifically. By doing so RTT® will often succeed where other therapies have not.
Some therapies will focus on the behavior exclusively. Others believe that verbalizing the problem is enough to generate change. There are even some modalities that believe the root cause of a person's problems is not important.
Understanding is powerful in transforming beliefs & behaviors. That true understanding only comes when we delve beyond our conscious thoughts. If you really knew what the problem was you wouldn't be here, right?

Q10 - What if it doesn’t work?

There isn’t a single medication or therapy on the planet that works for 100% of people, 100% of the time, but what we can say with confidence is RTT® works for most people, most of the time.
The level of understanding given in an RTT® session, alongside the transformation and 21-day recording, plus the support on offer via the FAST service, makes RTT® fully comprehensive and empowering for our clients.
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RTT® specialists are accredited with a variety of International Awarding Bodies.
Sessions are 24/7, 365 (subject to availability)
For all general enquiries, our office hours are 9 am - 6pm GMT (Monday - Friday)
[email protected]
Results cannot be guaranteed, moreover, results from individual testimonials are for reference only and your own personal experience may differ to those shown on this site. 

Regression therapy is an approach to treatment that focuses on resolving significant past events believed to be interfering with a person’s present mental and emotional wellness.
Only people with sound mental health who are confident that a review of past events will not adversely impact their emotional or mental health should participate.
We request that you do not participate in regression therapy if you or your treating practitioners have any past or existing concerns about your mental health.

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