You don’t have to spend months or years in therapy to overcome your problems.


An RTT® therapist can get to the root cause of your issue and resolve it - permanently - in as little as 1-3 sessions.


You can live a life free from pain, suffering, and the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.


It’s time to connect with one of our experienced, specialist RTT® therapists.

Welcome To The RTT® FAST Service

What is FAST? It stands for ‘Find A Specialist Therapist’.


Our premium FAST service enables you to connect with one of our most experienced and effective therapists who specializes in your area of concern.


A FAST RTT® specialist has proven expertise, outstanding levels of client satisfaction, and exceptional skills in applying the RTT® methodology.


Our specialist RTT® therapists have been personally trained by Marisa Peer - the founder of Rapid Transformational Therapy® - to the highest standards.

When you connect with a specialist RTT® therapist you can:

  • Discover the root, the cause, and the reason for your issue.
  • Uncover the limiting beliefs that have held you back.
  • Change the meaning attached to events from your past so you can be liberated.
  • Reclaim your voice, your power, and your self-worth.
  • Reconnect with the extraordinary confidence you were born with.
  • Rewire your mind for success and live the life you are meant to live.
  • Experience rapid, permanent, all-pervasive change.

Connect With Therapists Hand-Picked By Marisa Peer

In this video, the globally-acclaimed therapist and creator of RTT®, explains how she personally selects our specialist therapists.

Who is Marisa Peer

(the creator of Rapid Transformational Therapy® ?)


Marisa Peer is a world-renowned therapist, speaker, bestselling author, and therapy trainer. Named “Britain’s Best Therapist” by Men’s Health and featured in Tatler’s Guide To ‘Britain’s 250 Best Doctors’, Marisa has over 30 years of experience working with clients to overcome their most challenging issues.


Marisa has worked with clients from all backgrounds, including CEOs, celebrities, royalty, and politicians. She has paid close attention to the therapy techniques that get results and has combined the most effective principles from hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, NLP, and CBT to create her unique method of Rapid Transformational Therapy®.


RTT® is fast becoming recognized as one of the most effective therapies available and has won multiple awards and accolades.

How RTT® Can Help You

Rapid Transformational Therapy® is incredibly effective in helping people overcome their most painful issues.

Here’s an overview of the pains, issues, and struggles that RTT® can resolve:

  • Addictions
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Fears
  • Phobias
  • Panic Attacks
  • Guilt
  • Relaxation
  • Eating Issues
  • Weight Issues
  • Depression
  • Confidence
  • Self-Esteem
  • Motivation
  • Achieving Goals
  • Procrastination
  • Career Issues
  • Interview Skills
  • Nerves
  • Public Speaking
  • Concentration
  • Exams
  • Memory
  • Driving Skills
  • Relationships
  • Working with Children
  • Fertility
  • Sexual Issues
  • Pain Control
  • Hearing
  • Sight/Vision
  • Mobility
  • Skin Conditions
  • Hair Growth
  • Insomnia
  • And More...

What to Expect from
an RTT® Session

Watch this video from one of our RTT® therapists who will talk you through what happens during an RTT® session and what to expect after.

What Clients Say About RTT®


    I had a traumatic childhood, and suffered sexual abuse from my father in my teenage years. I tried so many different things to try and remove the feelings of guilt, depression and anxiety. My confidence was extremely low and I never felt I was enough.

    This led to consistent bad relationships and constant change in jobs, living arrangements, as well as compulsive behaviours. I wanted to remove this pain from my life and understand why I did it in the first place. Deep down, I knew that one day could amount to something great if I could just get past this.

    That’s when I met [my Therapist], she came forward and offered me a session in RTT®. IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE!!! I have tears in my eyes writing this, because I never thought it to be possible to remove the guilt and anxiety associated with the trauma that I suffered. I am so happy and grateful beyond words.

    Since doing one session, my confidence began increasing more and more every single day, the feelings of guilt and shame that I had before no longer exist. I feel new wonderful transformations happening with every passing day. I feel more settled within myself, my compulsive behaviours have stopped and I have become a lot clearer on my future and how to get there. I feel like I am ENOUGH now!

  • I found Peace & Contentment

    As a working mum with three small children, my life was hectic. I was recovering from PTSD and anxiety and I felt stressed 90% of the time.

    So when I heard about [Marisa’s] therapy, I jumped at the chance of treatment and I haven’t looked back.

    [She] was calm, confident and supportive and she immediately put me at ease. Following the hypnotherapy, I have found my sleep has improved, my thinking is clearer, I feel so much better emotionally and I feel much more competent and capable in every part of my life.

    My session with [my therapist] was truly transformational. I have found peace and contentment in a life that I had previously found incredibly stressful and often uncomfortable. I didn’t think it was possible to feel this good!

  • RTT® was a truly unique experience and I am so thankful for this work

    My therapist was amazing. I suffered a breakdown and was unable to see the wood through the tree’s. RTT® was a truly unique experience and I am so thankful for this work. I have been able to overcome my anxiety and overwhelm and feel so much more positive about moving forward in my life. I had been receiving CBT, however within just 1 session of RTT®, I no longer feel anxious or depressed. I really admire and appreciate the work and I am excited as I continue to grow in confidence every day. Thank You.

  • I have complete indifference to smoking, it doesn’t even bother me!

    I recently had a stopping smoking session. I had smoked on and off for 39 years, had tried numerous times to quit and wasted loads of money trying to, all to no avail. I had even been told by a therapist “you’ll give up when you have enough shame”. Well, I had enough shame, that’s what was causing it! I quit after one session with him, and never looked back. But what surprises me the most is that I’m not even the typical “ex-smoker”, I have complete indifference to smoking, it doesn’t even bother me! I socialise with friends who smoke and it doesn’t even cross my mind, “smoking was something I used to do”!

For the all-inclusive price of USD 400 you will receive:

  • A free no-obligation discovery call to discuss your issue with one of our trained FAST co-ordinators.
  • A connection with a specialist RTT® therapist who you will be matched with based on the criteria set on your call.
  • A two-hour session, available online or in person.
  • A personalized transformation recording from the session to lock in the changes you have made.
  • Post session follow up call. The all-inclusive price for this premium service is $400.

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*Results cannot be guaranteed, moreover, results from individual testimonials are for reference only and your own personal experience may differ to those shown on this site.

Regression therapy is an approach to treatment that focuses on resolving significant past events believed to be interfering with a person’s present mental and emotional wellness. Only people with sound mental health who are confident that a review of past events will not adversely impact their emotional or mental health should participate. We request that you do not participate in regression therapy if you or your treating practitioners have any past or existing concerns about your mental health.