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The Marisa Peer 5-Day Challenge is a free teaching resource created to help grade school-age children boost their confidence, self-esteem and resilience. Sign up for FREE now!

So what is the 5-day challenge?

“I Can’t to I Can” is a new FREE resource that aims to build confidence, resilience and self-esteem in young children by providing them with a mental well-being toolkit.

Having learned these simple mind hacks, children will understand how to master their feelings, and instead of listening to their inner critic telling them they can’t, they will call on their inner cheerleader to tell them they can.

The resource has been created in response to the increase in anxiety experienced by young children in recent years. It includes everything a school needs to implement five days of lessons, each taking around 30 minutes a day:

Five detailed lesson plans and accompanying animated videos

Teacher's pack

Social media posts and content for your school

Certificate template

A letter for children to take home to their parents/ carers to involve them in the 5-Day Challenge.

All the school has to supply is the teacher along with some paper and art materials.

If you’re wondering what Rapid Transformational Therapy® is all about and how it can help, please watch our explanatory animation.

More about the challenge

The Challenge is based around the concept of installing your inner cheerleader - that little voice that everyone has inside which encourages them to keep going even when life gets a bit overwhelming.

As we get older, instead of listening to our inner cheerleader, we often let our inner critic take control and begin listening to its negative self-talk.

Our lesson plans are based around RTT®, which has been successfully used in schools to help children with anxiety and lack of confidence.

Each day of the challenge focuses on a different power for the children to develop:

• Day 1 - focuses on bringing the cheerleader within us to life through visualization using the Power of Imagination.

• Day 2 - looks at how our cheerleader speaks to us through the Power of Words.

• Day 3 - considers how we get stuck in circular thinking and how this affects our feelings, behavior and thoughts with the Power of Looping Thoughts.

• Day 4 - is about learning to create positive neural pathways through the Power of Repetition.

• Day 5 - is when we consolidate everything that has been learned during the week and bring the Class Cheerleader to life.

By taking part in the challenge, the suggested achievable outcomes include:

Identifying and talking about feelings

Understanding how feelings affect behaviour

Strategies to manage feelings

What's included?

We’ve done all the hard work for you so everything you need is included:

• 5 days of lesson plans and animated videos
• Tried and tested teacher and therapist developed and approved resources
• Reflective work and opportunities to include parents / carers
• Simple-to-enter, fun competition

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Sign up here for access to the resources which will be available from 14th February 2022 and to receive regular communications about our work with schools/educational settings. And don't forget, should you require any further information or believe your school could potentially benefit from some additional input from a trained and qualified RTTⓇ Therapist, do please contact us for an informal discussion in the first instance: [email protected].
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