RTT® Plus

RTT® with Mentoring and Exam Success

Train in this brand new and exciting method of Rapid Transformational Therapy® by becoming CERTIFIED as an RTT® Practitioner. Enjoy all the flexibility you need, using our online study program with the added benefits of a personal mentor. Working at your pace and tailored to your unique needs, we will provide guaranteed support and guidance through one-to-one sessions until you achieve Certified Practitioner status.

RTT® Plus


There are many reasons and commitments that can prevent you from attending Marisa’s live training events or you may prefer e-learning as a method of study. Using RTT® enables you to schedule your studying needs around your commitments; in an environment that suits you whilst gaining your qualifications. For many students, online study can leave them feeling isolated. We never want that to be your experience and that’s why we have built an amazing RTT® support package around this program.

RTT® Plus provides you with solutions that keep you focused and engaged throughout this powerful training. We will guide you through all the theory and techniques, preparing you to be a successful RTT® practitioner.

RTT® Plus has been designed to provide you with all the support and guidance you need by assigning an experienced RTT® mentor to work with you. They will welcome you into a wider community of practitioners, help you locate all the resources and support that is available to you and provide shortcuts to keep you on track. You will receive individualized feedback and bespoke guidance that leaves you confident in your ability to apply the RTT® techniques to clients.

Course Content

  • Access to a personal mentor
  • Advanced skills training for RTT® session delivery Access to RTT® training
  • Access to recorded live demonstrations & therapy sessions
  • User-friendly scripts containing step by step instructions
  • BONUS: a seminar recording in which Marisa talks about how the mind works
  • RTT® practitioner examination and certification
  • Access to the RTT® Facebook group
  • After passing your examination: Access to continued RTT® therapy training
  • Access to 'Building A Busy Practice' - a bespoke marketing program
  • Continued access to dedicated RTT® email support
  • One year’s free licensing access to the RTT® brand
  • Access to supervision
  • Opportunities to join our Professional Membership

Benefits of Having an RTT® Practical Personal Mentor

Your personal mentor is an experienced RTT® graduate, selected by Marisa as one of her RTT® trainers who has completed their RTT® ‘Train the Trainer’ program. You will receive a pre-course consultation with them to talk through how to get the most out of the program and to identify any potential challenges you may face. Your mentor will work closely with you on the application of appropriate techniques, honing your RTT® skills, building your questioning ability, preparing you for your written assessment and creating confidence to become an amazing RTT® practitioner.

You will be introduced to our student support team who provide an additional layer of support during your studies.: email support, Facebook groups and webinars. The Student Support Team includes experienced RTT® graduates who know their stuff. They have experienced exactly what you will be going through and aim to help you every step of the way. You will work individually with your mentor plus have access to practice on fellow students or graduates.

We know that peer support is vital to get the most out of your studies and you will have access to your new RTT® family/tribe through a private Facebook group for help with any queries you may have. There will be plenty of guidance throughout your studies and as you start to implement your new RTT® skills. You will be able to schedule three individual one-to-one sessions with your mentor. We recommend they take place after completion of modules 3 and 6 and on completion of module 7 in preparation for your written exam. We have identified this as a key moment in the course to discuss, reflect and hone your understanding.

Your mentor will be able to provide any help and guidance you need, via a bespoke action plan tailored to your individual needs to ensure that you benefit from the learning experience.

Access to the RTT® Training:

  • Your RTT® Access

    Once you have completed your purchase you will be emailed your personal logins and password so you can access the program immediately. You can access all modules of the RTT® course, plus a wealth of additional materials including an extensive library of live demonstrations showing how skillfully Marisa works with clients in a range of different circumstances from the home page. There are scripts section, vital to all newly qualified practitioners giving you the material and confidence to work with client concerns. In the initial period this frees you from the need to be an expert in every client issue. As you gain experience and confidence you will find you rely less on scripts but they are a fabulous support. There are also a series of masterclasses which you can access to fine tune your understanding of particular client issues.

    You will retain access to the RTT® standard programme for 3 years from point of purchase. You can then join the Professional Membership Plan to continue to access new material as it is developed.

In Your RTT® Training You'll Also Get:

  • Access to the RTT® Facebook Group

    Continued access to the RTT® Facebook Group where fellow trainees share ideas and support each other. There is a dedicated Graduate Support Manager to help guide you should you have any questions about your practice. Students find networking with others and accessing practice sessions an invaluable resource. Students are encouraged to post any concerns or questions they have as way of developing understanding amongst the wider group and receive a rapid response of helpful ideas.

  • Recorded Live Action Demonstrations & Therapy Sessions

    Marisa is one of the most engaging therapist/speakers with international accolades for her contribution to the world of therapy. Just being able to watch Marisa in action makes your investment worthwhile, you will see her treat a succession of clients with a variety of issues such as Phobias, Addictions, Fears, Infertility, Weight Problems, Relationship Issues,, Memory and Concentration, Confidence and Self Esteem, Troubled Children and Teens, Public Speaking, Achieving Goals and varied health issues including Scoliosis, Deafness, Restricted Vision, Compromised Immune System, Migraines, Skin Conditions. The results speak for themselves.

  • Access to 'Building A Busy Practice' - a bespoke Marketing Program

    You will be granted access to a bespoke marketing program, tailored to the needs of RTT® graduates that is easy to implement and gets fast results, giving you the knowledge, skills and confidence to be able to start and build your practice. There are monthly masterclasses, and interactive materials that take you through everything you need to grow a successful therapy business. Delivered by experts in the field, this is the perfect add on to your qualification.

  • User Friendly Scripts Containing Step by Step Instructions That Accelerate Your Results & Set You, AND Your Clients, Up for Success!

    Scripts You Can Use To Resolve Specific Issues for Your Clients. Wealth Wiring , Command Cell Therapy, Conception, Pregnancy & Birth, Depression & Anxiety, Perfect Relationships, Interview Success, Passing Exams, Public Speaking, Self-Confidence, Sleep, Stop Smoking, Stop Drinking, Confidence and Self Esteem, Healing Energy Vortex, Weight Control, Addictions, Fears and Phobias, Sporting Prowess, Self Hypnosis. Public Speaking

  • BONUS: A Class Recording where Marisa details how the mind works and the impact this has on your Clients' health.

    behaviour and how the mind works is made completely understandable and applicable to your work as a therapist. She breaks down her 30 years of experience and simplifies the workings of the mind in a way that is relevant to all therapists and clients.

  • RTT® Practitioner Examination and Certification

    In order to verify your proficiency and award you a certificate as an RTT® Practitioner, you must undertake and attain a pass grade in our RTT® Practitioner Examination. You are only able to take the RTT® Practitioner Examination once you have completed all the modules.

    *We do not expect students to submit examinations prior to a minimum of 3 months from purchase.

Unlock These Additional Benefits Upon Passing Your Exam:

  • Access to continued RTT® Therapy Training

    A program of monthly webinars/masterclasses designed to enrich your RTT® experience and focused on some of the most current and relevant topics. Have your questions answered in monthly Live Q&A sessions that support your training hosted by Marisa and guest experts Opportunities to form Communities of Practice around certain subjects.

  • Access to Dedicated RTT® Email Support

    After purchasing access to the RTT® Training, you will be given access to office hours email support (9am-5pm UK time zone), where a dedicated RTT® Support Specialist will be able to guide and assist you with your ongoing queries.

  • Licensing Access to the RTT® Brand

    Once you have successfully passed the RTT® Practitioner Examination, you will receive a graduation pack outlining your rights to trade under the RTT® brand name and how you can use the RTT® brand in your marketing and practice materials, strengthening your brand image and joining a large global community of RTT® Practitioners.

  • Access to Supervision.

    On passing your exam you will be assigned a Supervisor who will work closely with you as you begin to take on clients. Supervision is a perfect way for you to to make sure you feel confident about working with clients and is an important part of professional practice. Your purchase of this programme entitles you to 3 sessions over a 6 month period.

  • Unlock Opportunities to join our Professional Alumni

  • Access to Supervision.

    Practitioner Membership provides eligible Graduates with an opportunity to undertake advanced training tailored to suit your unique needs, including extensive practice time and an observed individual assessment. This gives PMP grads the chance to join our Professional Alumni. Only then can you be considered one of Marisa’s Approved Practitioners.

    Accelerated membership opportunities exist for graduates with a prior therapy background and/or significant experience to be fast tracked into the Alumni. Please contact us for further details.

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