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“It feels like I have finally come up for air. RTT® has saved my life.” Louisa

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How RTT® Has Transformed People’s Lives

“It is the single best thing you can give yourself.”
“I have never experienced such an eye-opening, conscious-releasing tool. I didn’t have any expectations going into my session. I didn’t know it would be of this magnitude.”
— Rachel

“I feel enough and worthy of having a beautiful sexy body and taking care of it.”
“The best gift I ever got from RTT® is myself and my body. I eat healthier (salads, seeds, protein) and I have already lost weight. Most of my thinking and relationship with myself and with food have changed so much. I have control over my eating. RTT® got to the root cause of my eating issue and found out I was replacing love with food, to try to fill up the emptiness that I felt inside of me.”
— Mariann Sebestyen
“I am free from medication.”
"I started drinking alcohol at the age of 17 and I never really stopped for 30 years. Other therapies just focused on the alcohol but no therapy ever really got to the root cause. RTT® removed an enormous weight off my shoulders. I remember an enormous sense of release. I am no longer walking around depressed and I am free from my medication. I am now 3 years sober thanks to RTT® and it has improved my entire life. Those around me now also know the real me now and they do not need to worry about me."
— Bryan
“I have never felt the sense of freedom and confidence that I walk around with today.”
“I have never been more satisfied with any service ever in my whole entire life!! I was extremely anxious walking in because I didn't know what to expect and the doubts were running wild in the back of my head. The process itself was extremely relaxing, pleasant and was around 2 hours. Fast forward to today, a month later, and everything that I asked for AND MORE has come true! I finally began to fall in love with myself and find my inner peace.  I didn't realize that unresolved issues of my past were haunting and affecting my present day to the point where I was beginning to lose sight of who I was as a person. I am now thankful to say that I am living life for myself and nobody else.  I have never felt the sense of freedom and confidence that I walk around with today. I can tell that other people notice it as well because I have had numerous doors open up for me since I have felt this change. I want to share my experience with anybody that will listen because I feel that everyone deserves to feel this way about themselves because we are all worthy.”
— Jazmin
“I discovered the short road with instant understanding.”
“For me, talk therapy had been a long road, with a lot of soul searching, and in the end I never did get the full solution from it. With RTT® I discovered the short road with instant understanding where my pain and loss of confidence had come from and once you know, you can never go back!”
— Els Bosma
“Pain free, symptom free, no medication.”
“I just wanted to share some wonderful personal RTT® news with you… Today was clinic day at Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis clinic with my daughter, no 15yo. Her specialist said that all her joints are fine and she doesn’t need to go back for 6 months! This means that she is pain free, symptom free, no medication, no bloody tests, no 3 monthly appointments. In short it means that she is free to be herself!”
— Rachel Farnsworth
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