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A career in Rapid Transformational Therapy® unlocks a world of flexible working, meaning, and fulfillment, and greater earning potential.

The RTT® live training equips you with the tools to make a real difference to people’s lives. You can help people overcome their fears, phobias, anxieties, addictions, depression, and weight struggles.


Are you ready to master the pioneering technique that goes “beyond hypnotherapy” to achieve rapid, lasting, and truly transformative results?

Why train live in RTT®?


As well as access to our world-class online training program, when you join our live RTT® training, you get so much more:


  • Become Certified in RTT® and a Certified Hypnotherapist.
  • Learn directly from the founder of RTT® — leading therapist and hypnotherapy trainer, Marisa Peer.
  • Live, in-person training with Marisa and her expert coaches — you may even get selected from the audience to work with Marisa on stage.
  • Get the all-important live practice, and immediate feedback — Marisa and her team will help you identify your strengths and areas where you can become even better.
  • Connect with like-minded people and establish your ongoing RTT® support network.

About Marisa Peer

Named ‘Britain’s Best Therapist’ by Tatler

Marisa Peer is a world-renowned therapist, motivational speaker, and bestselling author, named “Britain's Best Therapist” by Men's Health magazine and featured in Tatler's guide to ‘Britain's 250 Best Doctors.’


Gaining a reputation for provoking lasting change in her clients from just a single session, Marisa has become known as the “therapist's therapist” for her ability to take on and transform clients that other therapists have failed to help.


Marisa has spent more than three decades studying, testing, and honing the therapy techniques that work. Now she has put her unrivaled knowledge and experience into the RTT® training course, teaching others to do what she does and get the same results. To date, Marisa has trained more than 6,000 RTT® therapists all around the world.

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Have you always dreamed of becoming an RTT® therapist but with the current climate, you don’t think it’s possible? Well, we have the solution! Training online from the comfort of your home is an excellent alternative to attending our live events, and with the help of our team of specialists, you can start your course in no time. There’s never been a better time to train online, so book a call now—your dream career is just a phone call away.

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Apply Now To Join Marisa LIVE In-Person On Her Rapid Transformational Therapy® Training

Marisa runs live RTT® training events all over the world. To apply, select your date, and our applications team will be in touch to discuss any questions you may have and get you booked in.


On the call, you will:


  • Get answers to all the questions you have about RTT® and the RTT® training program.
  • Discover the EXACT reason why Marisa's training and method is so powerful.
  • Hear how training RTT® can help you have a phenomenal career helping people.
  • Learn how a career as an RTT® therapist can be tailored to your needs and be flexible and rewarding at the same time.

We are very conscious that you need to know whether our live courses are still taking place in these uncertain times. Rest assured, we are doing our best to identify any events that have to be canceled or postponed, and we will be updating our page of events as soon as we can. In the meantime, we urge you to speak to one of our advisors who will give you all the information you need on online training as training live isn’t an option at the moment.

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Here's Everything You Get When You Enroll In The RTT® Training Program

  • Access to an online study program that includes extensive recorded live therapy demonstrations for use in Q&As and a growing library of masterclasses
  • Mentoring sessions to ensure you get the most out of the program
  • Course handbook and additional learning resources
  • Masterclasses and Q&As
  • Peer Support Group
  • Dedicated student support service for email contact
  • Access to dedicated Facebook groups for support
  • Opportunities for Reflective Practice and case management support
  • Accountability partners
  • A bespoke marketing online training (Building A Busy Practice) to help you establish a business
  • Certified in RTT® and Certified Hypnotherapist certificate
  • Opportunity to join the exclusive alumni membership and progress to Clinical Hypnotherapist certification

A Word From Your Fellow RTT® Therapists

See how a career in Rapid Transformational Therapy® has helped people just like you realize their dreams and make a real difference.

  • “I am new to hypnotherapy and this course has been a revelation. I have done some coaching in the past and studied a couple of healing modalities, but never really felt that they got to the root of the issue. But Rapid Transformational Therapy® really does that. It gets to the root and it really fixes people.”

    Christine Horner, RTT® Graduate

  • “Rapid Transformational Therapy® is truly one of the best online trainings of its kind on the market... it’s an online bible of hypnosis methodology and application.”

    Nathalie Ristord, RTT® Graduate

  • “I have invested over $750,000 in my professional development over the last 25 years and this course blows any other course out of the water!”

    Angle Wilcock, RTT® Graduate

  • “I have been trained in several alternative therapy modalities & I’m a LMT & have been in business for 6 yrs & have never had such amazing results! I’m excited for my future… cause I’m going to help 1000s of people change their lives & make a lot of money doing it with this amazing method! Thank you Marisa!”

    Renee Taysom, RTT® Graduate

  • “As a graduate of Marisa Peer’s 1st course I just want to share that I have already recouped the cost of my course back in fees - this is with minimal advertising and seeing quite a few people for practice for free during January. The support from Marisa and fellow practitioners after the course is absolutely priceless and is the difference that makes ALL the difference XXX”

    Gina Fee, RTT® Graduate

  • “I am so thrilled with this Marisa Peer's RTT® method. I have absolute confidence in this method! I have done 9 sessions in the past 10 days & my clients have had amazing results already! I’m getting great feedback, happy clients & I love it!”

    RTT® Graduate


What Industry Leaders & Acclaimed Public Figures Have Said
About Marisa Peer

“Marisa Peer is an absolute marvel; she not only changed my life — she actually saved it. Within two weeks of having just one session with her, I stopped smoking and drinking for good and developed a completely different attitude to food. That was 21 years ago. I have never had a cigarette or drink since and I don’t want or like unhealthy food anymore despite the fact that I used to devour too much of it.”

Molly Parkin, Writer, and Artist

“I don’t consider myself to be “woo-woo” or someone who is easily “swayed” into simply believing something works… But what I experienced in that room with Marisa changed my life — in just minutes. She helped me uncover a massive “block” that I realize now has been holding me back, and just days removed from working with her — I’ve already seen massive (positive) changes in my relationship with my wife, my children, and my employees. THANK YOU Marisa.”

Ryan Levesque, President and CEO of RL & Associates, and Best-Selling Author

Accredited By The International Hypnosis Federation

One of the most comprehensive hypnotherapy trainings in the marketplace, we offer a range of courses to suit your needs.


Schedule your study needs around your existing commitments.


Work through the comprehensive online training program at your own pace with mentoring support from experienced RTT® therapists.


You can also choose courses with live training elements from Marisa and her expert team (either virtually or in-person), which provide you with the platform to apply the tools you have learned online, hone your skills through practice, and build your confidence to apply RTT® effectively.

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Regression therapy is an approach to treatment that focuses on resolving significant past events believed to be interfering with a person’s present mental and emotional wellness. Only people with sound mental health who are confident that a review of past events will not adversely impact their emotional or mental health should participate. We request that you do not participate in regression therapy if you or your treating practitioners have any past or existing concerns about your mental health.