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No Prior Therapy Training OR Experience Needed!

Many of my BEST graduates had no prior training in therapy

You don’t need any prior therapy training.

You may have thought this training is not for you because you’re not an existing therapist but 50% of my graduates had no prior therapy experience or training, just excellent people skills and a desire to help.

My graduates with no prior therapy experience are doing phenomenally well...

Many of my best graduates had previous careers as:

School Teachers

PR Consultants

Personal Trainers


Police Officers


Beauty Therapists

IT Consultants

City Workers


RTT® Course Testimonials - What People Are Saying

“It's Truly Life-Changing”

"Thank you, Marisa, for curing me today during our RTT® Training. You are the Heineken of therapists and reach the parts others don't reach! I felt completely safe and supported by you and the entire group.

I would not normally open up, let alone to 40+ people but your method helped me to do so and clear all blocks to my health and life in general to enable me to move forward as a therapist. After 38 years we cleared it in one session! To anyone considering training either online or in person, just go for it. It's truly life-changing"

Michelle D - RTT® Graduate

“Simply Brilliant”

“Funny how we propel ourselves in lifelong learning with great minds and spirits like Tony Robbins, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and then by chance we come across Marisa and her point blank powerful explanation and vision of "being enough".

Simply brilliant, powerful clarity. I head up a behavioral health company with 100+ therapists helping kids and adults and would love them to get your message because like you said taking care of children means you have several clients. Your message is as powerful as Nike's 'just do it'. Thank you.”

Peter P - RTT® Graduate

“Marisa Will Change Your Life In Five Minutes”

“Dear everyone! I can not encourage you enough to sign up! I did and I went to study with Marisa in person! I am now a hypnotherapist and loving every moment.

What happens is you get unstuck and it starts rolling faster and faster, smoother and smoother! Just like Vishen says Marisa will change your life in 5 minutes, but what he might not say is that it keeps changing every 5 minutes forward! Don't miss this opportunity! Sign up! It is priceless!”

Domenique S - RTT® Graduate

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Your chance to train live with Marisa Peer, the Founder of Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®)

After thirty years of achieving phenomenal success with her own client list, Marisa Peer received numerous requests to train other therapists.

Marisa created RTT® to share the culmination of knowledge gained over three decades, from a deep analysis of her most profound cases and stunning turnarounds, to bring about rapid and permanent change.

You are invited to join thousands of RTT® therapists, who are not only successfully changing the lives of their clients, but their own lives as well.

RTT® Pro schools are your opportunity to be trained in person by Marisa Peer and her team so that you too can enjoy a meaningful career doing something you love every single day.

Marisa is listed in the Tatler's guide to 'Britain's 250 Best Doctors', has a long list of celebrity clients, and has been heralded as everything from “The Best Therapist in the UK,” to a “pioneering motivational hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and a winning sports psychologist.”
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